Simple Act Of Kindness

Simple Act Of Kindness

A simple act of kindness can add to the spirit of gratitude in the world. There’s a South African saying known as “ubuntu” or “botho” which in the simplest translation means, I am because you are. In as much we live in a world that increasingly promotes individualism, we’re all interconnected as human beings. We are designed to be social and work within tight communities. No man is an island. We could all do with small acts of kindness from one another. That would make the world a much friendlier place.

There are common acts of kindness that a lot of people seem to have forgotten about. One thing that was drilled into my head from childhood is to treat everyone with respect and human decency regardless of the status. Some people can sometimes feel like they can mistreat and disrespect another person just because they consider them to be beneath them. The company CEO and the cleaner at your job both deserve to be respected. They may play different roles and live different lives, but they have one thing in common; they’re human.

Dignity is a Human Right

Unfortunately there people who find themselves in unpleasant living conditions, or are going through a rough patch. Simply showing everyone respect is an act of kindness. Some people are used to being mistreated so adding to that does not help.

The Spirit of a Giver

Another fulfilling and kind thing to do is to practice giving. Sometimes when we no longer want something, we might first think of throwing it away even when it’s still usable. I was taught to always give away clothing if it was still wearable or in good condition simply because there are people in need. Plus it is better for the environment to reuse. So find some shelters, charities and homes that will appreciate your donation. Giving doesn’t have to be monetary, you might not be loaded with money to give but maybe you can give away some items you no longer use. We do not give with the expectation to get something in return, but you do feel good about doing good.

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