Learn How to Receive

Learn How to Receive

The inability to receive is hustling backwards. There have been many times where I gave another lady a compliment, for some reason the first response isn’t often a “thank you”. It’s a “really”, “no I don’t” etc. Someone wants to gift you or surprises you instead of receiving, it’s “you don’t have to”. Here’s the thing; yes, no body has to compliment or gift you, but they decided to do it anyway. Accept it!

You Deserve Luxury, Receive it

The root of being unable to receive stems from issues of self-worth. You do not feel that you’re worthy of nice things, of luxury. You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, but you also deserve tangible things like gifts. When it comes to giving, there’s a transfer of energy. You could be doing something else, but you’re choosing to spend your time and effort into another person. So how come you won’t let people do the same for you? Constantly giving of yourself and never receiving is not healthy for you, because you’re releasing your energy without ever replenishing it. It’s draining!

Being confident in your worth is not the same as being entitled. Don’t feel bad for receiving. Responding with a “thank you, I appreciate it” is just fine because it’s okay to receive nice treatment. We need to start normalizing luxury. For example, taking care of your home and working is a lot. So, if you can simplify tasks by getting some help, go ahead and get the help. You’re not being lazy or being a snob. Your womanhood does not have to equate to suffering. This will allow you to find more balance in your life, and you’ll actually have time for yourself. There’s beauty in womanhood.

Letting Yourself Go

When you haven’t learnt how to receive, there’s no time for self-improvement. This leads to “letting yourself go”. The Cambridge dictionary defines letting yourself go as “to allow yourself to become less attractive or healthy” or “to take less care of your appearance”. In simple terms, it takes an effort and energy to care for yourself. So why would you give so much of yourself and not allow yourself to receive something.

When a large chunk of your time is dedicated to work, the home, your kids, your man etc, it’s easy to forget about yourself. Being unable to easily accept a compliment might not seem like much, but you really need to ask yourself why your first response isn’t thank you. Why is the first response discomfort when someone displays generosity? It’s vital that you build up your self-worth, not only to be able to receive, but also not to be taken advantage of because not everyone gives with a pure heart.

Rejecting compliments and the inability to receive is hustling backwards. You’re not doing yourself any favours. When people gift you on your birthday, women’s day or even randomly, be grateful, but understand that you too are worthy of generosity. You deserve it, so accept it!

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